Polistamp services

Polistamp has an expertise on every metal and resin working and its services also include other activities:


Thanks to 3D planning, the company offers molding of small and medium series with a definite polymer. The service also includes a large variety of polymers with the possibility of 2k ovemolding and metal inserts.


It is a technique allowing prototyping. It starts from a 3D plan given by the customer and includes laser process for the production of solid pieces.


The creation of complex shapes which are resistant to temperature of 50-60 degrees are the ideal solution for mechanical tests and assembly.


Milling is metal, resin and plastics working from the use of blocks or rough pieces.


Milling is metal, resin and plastics working from the use of blocks or rough pieces. The technique requires the use of powders to improve high temperature strength (180°) of items. Any prototype offers an excellent detail.


Starting from a 3D file given by the client, powders are sintered, that means they are compacted and transformed in an indivisible compound with a laser.


The project of items made under a stereolitography process is put into practice by using proper silicon resins to be added in the cavity around the figure. Thus, the negative is produced and it becomes the seat for the resin which constitutes the finished product.


This process aims at transforming a piece into virtual idea or transforming the customer’ sample into a 3D file plan. This technology is also used to test the compliance of some geometric parameters of a piece and all functions of a group of items.