DEDICATED molds and processes to composite materials

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Molds and equipment

We supply all the necessary equipment for the production of composite material parts such as:

  • Carbon SMC
  • Hp RTM
  • RTM
  • RTM light
  • Pre-pregg
  • OOA
  • RIM
  • Autocalve
  • Press-Prepregg

Part analysis


Solid model production


Deviation analysis


Mould draft analysis




Mold processing and construction

Instant response

The composites industry requires speed and precision. For this reason we provide quotes, from the first contact, complete with times, costs and specifications. Our quotes include all the information, suggestions and technical analyses relating to mould drafts, thickness checks, surface checks and a preliminary technological analysis, so that customers can immediately verify that our equipment is in line with their standards and requirements.

We support the customer from the development of the product, starting from the draft design to the solid model of the part developed according to the correct production technology.

We provide complete customer support from design to product, thanks to our:

Preform moulds

Prototype moulds (aluminium - resin)

Series moulding with different hardened steels

Control gauges


Bonding templates

Processing templates

Sealing foam templates

Each piece of equipment is studied based on the technology required and the materials being processed


From equipment used to make watch cases in Carbon SMC to moulds for hoods / door panels / engine structures. Each piece of equipment is tested and designed based on the technology requirements. Various analyses are carried out for each piece of equipment including: draft moulds, surface deviation (for parts with Class A aesthetic requirements), thickness analysis, curvature analysis etc.

Lavorazioni meccaniche sui
materiali compositi

Beyond the equipment

We support our customers during the post-moulding processes.

For example:

  • Processing of carbon steel parts
  • Processing of parts after moulding: perimeter trimming, opening of holes, opening of sections, milling of undercut parts or those difficult to mould.

Customer care

We know the requirements of the industry, we are flexible in changing geometries in relation to FEM calculations or style demands. Under the supervision of our technicians, we provide detailed timing with the possibility to view the processing of any equipment step by step.

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