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Flexibility and professional expertise

Our professional expertise is acknowledged and appreciated in various fields of application.

From automotive to electronics, from home automation to electro-technical engineering, food, biomedical and architecture, we are able to respond to the demands of an increasingly global, fast-moving and flexible market

Innovation and development

For each of these industries, we provide solutions that are constantly focused on innovation.

The customer can test all aspects of the product before launching it on the market, and the prototyping makes it possible to focus on the exact specifications of each project and develop it in an efficient and qualitatively impeccable manner.


We support the customer in the design and engineering phase including DFM (Design for Manufacturing) aspects, ensuring a correct equilibrium and harmony of the requirements of both.


Each use requires specific attention during the production phase, guaranteed by means of the extensive knowledge of the quality standards acquired over time.


We choose the most suitable technologies to create prototypes and series, according to the times and the technical and aesthetic needs required.

Electronic and electro-technical engineering

We understand the demands of the electrical industry: thanks to our Application Engineers team, we can help you launch your product on the market, monitoring and conceiving every single step along the way to avoid wasted time and investment.

Home Automation

We develop Building Automation for this market segment. An example of applications of our products are dimmers or wireless control systems for building or home automation.


We shape every material with creativity, supporting artists who are dedicated to the artistic expression and experimentation, the experts and technicians who need reliable support in making their prototypes or functional parts.