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Effective solutions for demanding customers

Since 2010 we have been providing tangible answers to the growing need for flexibility in the construction of functional prototypes by means of injection moulding.

Our wide range of high quality procedures allow us to satisfy a variety of requirements: from CNC milling to the processing of metals and resins.

Our highly qualified and constantly updated staff allows us to manage each project from start-up through to the conclusion phase. These abilities have made Polistamp the ideal partner for key companies in a variety of different industries.


First CNC machine


Purchase of a 1200 ton press


Change in headquarters and expansion


Purchase of another CNC machine dedicated to the machining of composite parts


The establishment of Polistamp Compositi, a parallel brand dedicated to the swift and accurate production of composite material parts.

The objective is to extend the services provided and cover a greater range of requirements in the moulding sector, adopting technological equipment and customisations which always comply with the standards requested by our customers.

Thanks to our widmen machines for the processing of composite materials, we provide our customers with a complete service for the post-processing of the parts produced with our molds.


Innovative instruments for quality products

The inclusion of a latest generation 5-axes CNC milling machine within the company’s fleet of machinery allows us to guarantee our customers an increasingly high and consistent quality and flexibility in the manufacturing of our products.

The new CNC milling machine increases the mechanical and functional precision of the manufactured products, but also their aesthetic and visual qualities.


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The client companies are not reported here for confidentiality reasons. For us, confidentiality is a crucial value.

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