Our company

Polistamp Ltd. was opened in January 2010. It was an answer to the growing demand of customized manufacture of functional prototypes made with injection molding. The high quality standard offered by the company concerns all procedures, from milling with NC machines to metal and resin working.

Polistamp skills are applied to several fields, from automotive to electronics, from home management to electro-technical industry. They are also applied to food sector, bio-instruments and architecture allowing the company to satisfy the customer needs. As its staff is well-trained.

Polistamp can manage each project from the beginning to the end. Its expertise has rapidly made greater the company which has become an ideal partner of key industries in several fields.

At the beginning of 2013, Polistamp enlarged its machine park because he purchased a modern NC milling machine with 5 axes. The company goal is offering a high and continuous quality and a customized production to the customer. The new NC milling machine has increased the mechanical and functional precision of items but also their aesthetic and visual characteristics.